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2 weeks of TMNT Brotp

Donnie + Leo




This just in… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2 RETURNS to Nickelodeon on FRIDAY, September 12th!


This just in… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2 RETURNS to Nickelodeon on FRIDAY, September 12th!


2 weeks of TMNT Brotp

Donnie + Raph



Anonymous said: Sorry to bother, but can you gif Mikey going "dude were you trying to impress us? cuz it totally worked~" to Leo? it's from New Girl In Town

Sure:) Though it’ll take a couple of days cause I don’t have the episode on my computer.

Descriptions of the upcoming episodes!

"A Chinatown Ghost Story"

Donnie becomes increasingly jealous of April and Casey’s relationship; April is kidnapped by an evil spirit who intends to drain her powers.

Ready, Apritello fans?

"Into Dimension X"

When the Turtles go to the bizarre realm of Dimension X, Mikey is the only one who can figure the place out.

My baby gets to shine!

"The Invasion"

Leo and Donnie disagree about their plan to stop the Kraang invasion; Donnie must step up as a leader when Leo makes a mistake and is separated from the team.

I am already terrified!

Season 2


A couple of days ago, I asked the hardest question there ever was…What’s your favorite episode from season 2 so far? And well, by your answers, Mazes and Mutants is in the lead lol. 

I guess since I’ve asked you guys this hard question I should answer it too. Well, I’m sorry if I’m cheating but there is no way in the world I can pick my favorite ONE. Maybe 4…5…lol

It all depends on the catagory, like, if I want the funniest, the darkest, the sweetest. So I made catagories lol Im sorry.


My favorite emotional episodes:

The dark episodes that made me cry, that left me shocked and I needed some time to let it all sync in

1.Sash and Destroy.

This episode was so intense, If you take out the Leo goofy parts than you see that it’s such a dark episode, cruel in physical and emotional ways. This episode was the first episode of 2012 turtles that made me cry. Seeing Raph go against his best friend just to protect his brothers, see him understand that no matter what, family always comes first, wich is the reason I love this show so much. 

2.Metalhead Rewired

Ok…there is no way you didn’t cry in the episode. This episode is perfect in my eyes too. It’s funny, it’s super emotional. The reason it’s not number 1 is because Slash and destroy has more of a family message, when this episode’s message was about friends and trust. I also think that this is episode is the best at showing Leo as a really good leader, he learns from mistakes, he’s always careful, he knows that his brothers don’t always make the best choices, he’s responsible for what happens and unlike his brothers he thinks every possibility through, that’s why he had hard time believing metalhead was on their side.

3.Vangeance is mine

Wow. Yes, I cried watching this episode too, On second thought, making me cry is the easiest thing in the world xD But this episode was really really dark. Just, a whole new level of dark, with Karai mutating into a serpant, becoming Splinter’s enemy, Leo blaming himself. This episode left the family scarred, just like the fans. The reason it’s not number 1 is probably because of Karai who is not my favorite character. It does show the bond of the family, they’re finally together, the message is that revenge brings you nowhere. The point of the episode was to show the family happy, and then break it to pieces, thank you very much for that. It’s just Karai’s character, all her life’s been about revenge, she couldn’t just let it go, she just redirected her hatred to someone else. She was raised be shredder after all. Raph was right about that, they couldn’t expect her to forget everything and just live with them like nothing happened. It’s just an emotional episode, you’re never fine after watching it.

My favorotie action episodes:

Episodes with the coolest fights, exciting scenes that had y heart racing

1. Wormquake/The manhattan project

You gotta admit this episode is full of amazing fights, action scenes, starting with giant worms causing earthquakes, Donnie, April and Casey fighting the Kraang and ending with an amazing fight from Splinter, Mikey, Leo and Raph. Plus introducing an amazing new villan - TigeClaw. Gotta admit, this episode was the most exciting, seeing the guys fight TigeClaw, Splinter beating the shit out of TigerClaw, Shredder beating the shit out of Splinter and our heroes fight the coolest villans, Too awesome. But not as awesome as seeing April and Donnie beat a worm with salt haha lol. Just an awesome, awesome episode!

2. The wrath of Tiger Claw

This episode is great, not just because of the last fight, wich was mindblowing! How about the fight between Casey and TigerClaw? The guy was awesome, TigerClaw defeated 3 of the turtes with ease, Casey lost too but I think he was really great standing up to TigerClaw, for someone who’s just a kid and knows nothing about martial ats. The reason it’s not number 1 is only because wormquake if longer, wich means, more action!

3. Fungus Humungous

Well this episode is just a rollercaoser of action. From dancing mushrooms to cockoroaches, rats, bats and squirrels taking over the planet haha. Seriously, Leo was the only one who wasn’t afraid of an animal! Oh, and Donnie. Sorry, his fear was kinda annoying. So the episode itself was soooo beautiful and so exciting, and the fight in the end, with Leo taking over has made history!

My favourite brotherly/family episodes

The episodes i went “aaawwwe” every 2 minuetes xD

1. The invasion of squirrelanoids

I know it’s just a filler episode but I am so in love with it!!!! It’s so funny, sweet exciting, I just caaaan’t! I watched the episode like 200 times now and I never get tired. I still laugh at that hobo, at Donnie’s sass, still get scared when Mikey is being flushed. I still scream when Leo pets Mikey’s head xD It’s an episode about a day in turtles lives, just them being brothers, teasing, fighting, caring. It’s what the turtles are all about.

2. Mazes and mutants

It’s pretty much everything I talked about in the invasion of squirrelanoids. The reason it’s not number one is…I honestly don’t know xD Just love the other episode better xD But theres one little moment in the end of the episode. When Malakai tells them about solo larping. And Mikey says “Solo Larp? Dude, that is so sad” and then looks up at his brothers. I think that was the moment they all realized how lucky they are to have each other, to be friends, to have someone to silly stuff with. It’s what the episode is all about. I love it so much!

3. Mikey gets shellacne

Hehe. well, the brotherly love is all over the place in this episode lol.The fact that my favourite turtle got to shine in this episode aside, I love how hard they’re all trying to save Mikey. They know they messed up and they’re trying to fix it.

The funniest episode:

1. Plan 10.

No competition xD It’s just too funny!

But I have to say that the episodes I was most impressed with were Slash and Destroy, Fungus Humungous, Vengeance is mine, The Wrath of Tiger Claw, Wormquacke, Of rats and men, Gooooood there are so many amazing episodes. But if I had to choose one. You know, to convince my friend how good this show is…I would probably go with Slash and Destroy. It’s probably my favorite episode from season 2. It is so amazing, this episode has absolutly everything I love about this show, it’s funny, it has awesome fights and of course it shows how much these turtles value each other, how much they are like every normal family and how they would do anything for each other, for the family. Brothers, they fight, it can get real serious sometimes but when one of them is in danger, they put everything aside, no matter how angry they are, they are willing to sacrifce their lives for each other. Slash and Destroy for the win xD


Who knows, maybe one of the 4 remaining episode will become my new favourite episode from season 2

A Chinatown ghost story, Into dimention X or The invasion?

If you haven’t told me yet, I would love to hear what’s your favorite episode from season 2 and why?

2 weeks of TMNT Brotp

Starting off with my favorite Brotp

Leo + Mikey



Anonymous said: Imagine Leo blocking shurikans from hitting Mikey by using his shell. This leaves Mikey watching Leo's pained expressions helplessly until help comes :)

Yes, this hurt me right in the feels! I both love and hate you anon, you both ruined and made my day xD

And I wish you weren’t anon so I’d know who to watch out for xD Or show my love to.

I LOVE it when you guys send Mikey/Leo feels my way!