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alwaysthewiseone said: (May I request one or two gifsets of my muse?)


sewergator2k12 said: Could you make a gif of myself deathrolling Raphael in the lair? *grins*

Yeah :) You actually just gave me an idea for a gifset, thanks! 

BTW…IT’S LEATHERHEAD!!!! *fangirls*

Anonymous said: Can u make a the good moments of tmnt 2012 season 1 2 3?

Hahaha xD i get that my gifsets sometimes are a bit of a downer and all I do is heartbreaking and emotional and tragic xD I’m sorry xD But there are too many good moments in this show, it would take too long. Maybe if you were a little more specific I’d do it :)

Emotional moments of season 2 (2/?)

Not cool, guys xD 


I told you not to be stupid


I told you not to be stupid


Requested by: donnie-bear

Buried secrets

WHAT A SCARY EPISODE!!! Like…WTF was that?????? It was so great. NOTHING like what I expected. Cause the description said nothing about April’s mom being the scariest monster ever!!


So the moment in the beginning when Donnie was trying to impress April again and said “Check me out April”. I guess we all realized that last episode taught Donnie nothing. But that’s not my problem. April doesn’t even look his way like…total ignore! Seriously, he wants her attention and she just waks past him like he’s not even there. What the hell was that? I know April’s not a bitch so why make her act like one?

And I would love an explanation on why Mikey didn’t trust April’s mom? Like, one second he’s smiling looking at them hugging, the next second he’s suspicious. What made him change his mind in just one second?

I really really loved Casey/April moments in this episode. For once, it wasn’t Casey hitting on her and complaining that she doesn’t show him any affection. Here, it was emotional, it was meaningful. When Mikey attacked her mom Casey was like “You know how much this means to April! If you ruin this for her” That was totally sweet, he knew how happy April was to see her mom again and he wanted to protect her. That’s why when April tells him that her mom wants her to leave Casey says “I understand if you wanna go” because he doesn’t want to separate her from her mom again, even though he doesn’t want her to leave. And the time in the end when he just sits next to her asking how she feels. They were all little but such sweet moments that show how much Casey cares about her feelings. I’m so thankful they showed these moments. That’s how you get a girl to like you, Casey, not by showing off, by being there for her when she needs you.

Also, just wanna say how funny it was that the turtles didn’t know how to call April’s mom so they called her mom too xDD It was hilarious XDD 

And I still don’t understand…do the kraang need April? I thought they didn’t, since they already perfected mutagen and tried to kill her like a million times. So her mom wanted to deliver April because she didn’t know that the kraang didn’t need her anymoe? I hope so because this whole April situation is just confusing. And her powers are too convinient xD 

But it was one hell of an episode. So emotional and scary and funny and sweet. I loved it!